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21 down, 69 to go

I’ve hit a brick… wall? I’m not quite sure why but I have been singing cheesy song lyrics in my office this morning (but if you saw the data load that got dropped on my desk you’d probably understand the need for entertainment!) Moving on.. I’m officially on my first recovery week. I have seven days of yoga, core exercises, stretching, and rest in front of me.

Last week was a real challenge to get through my workouts. No, my schedule hasn’t changed any and they didn’t feel any harder physically, but I just had zero desire to do any of it. I felt burnt out, tired, and bored with the monotony. I’m hoping, in all their wisdom, that Tony Horton and his people knew people would need their routine to be mixed up after 3 weeks. The scale hasn’t changed any (since that initial gain anyway) but my measurements have! On the positive side, I’ve dropped two inches in my waist and thighs and have done so without my neck getting bigger, score! (Part of me was concerned I would come out of this looking like a linebacker.. yes, I really was worried.) On the less exciting side, my shoulders are an inch bigger. These numbers are a little misleading, I am really just back to the size I was measurement-wise before I’d started this program. But what it does means is I’ve lost body fat since the initial jump in weight! And if there’s continued shrinkage in the lower-body-area on the horizon, it would be icing on the cake, and I shall gladly take it!

After this week, my diet is supposed to change to include an additional carb but one fewer protein each day. I’m going to slightly modify the diet this week and if it goes well, I’ll keep it that way throughout the rest of 90 days. Since I’m not hitting the calorie count each day anyway (and in no way am I going around hungry), I’m going to resort back to the good ole days of eating when I’m hungry. I’ll still be eating lots of fruits, veggies, and lean meats, since I did that  for the most part anyway, but I’m hoping if it’s less strict I’ll feel more results. We’ll see, the scale will let me know pretty quick!

21 down.. 61 to go!

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