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Winter is snatching up people

Where did fall go? All of a sudden, it’s cold outside! (And by cold, yes, I do mean 50 degrees outside. But in Texas, that’s cold!) When did Fall sneak away and let Winter come in and take hold? I swear the past 6-8 weeks or so of beautiful weather have flown by at lightning speed. Winter is my least favorite season. From the bulky clothes and dark colors, to being stuck inside, and then topping it all off with being cold for several months, meh… it’s just not my favorite time of year. I like patios, outdoor sports, cute summer clothes, and sunshine. In my ideal world, seasons would be summer, fall, 2-3 days of winter, and then spring. I’m dreaming of a White Christmas but then immediately followed by dry, warm, beautiful weather in time for my birthday in January! Doesn’t that sound amazing?! **cue Jimmy Buffet music** Everywhere I look I see women in tights and scarves and feel the urge to scream, “Nooooo”. Picture a cartoon screaming in slow motion, that’s me. But it just can’t be that time yet! (Side tangent, why do people wear scarves with short sleeve shirts? If your neck is cold enough to warrant a scarf, shouldn’t that mean long sleeves also?) 

Alright, my vent is over. I can’t change the weather beyond hoping spring comes early this year. I’m still not sure how I survived four winters in Indiana, I just remember being cold from about October through April. But the sledding and snow football were amazing! I love snow for about a day or two, but then it can disappear into the ether until next year. 

Until then, hide yo kids, hide you wife, hide yo husband because Winter be snatchin’ up everyone down heya.

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