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Well, my 27-year-long-non-broken record has been broken. I broke my first bone this past weekend.. my right ring finger. A word to describe the experience? OUCH! (Almost my first thought when it happened was definitely an expletive.) Many bags of ice, a splint, and pills of Aleve later and OUCH still accurately describes it.

Alright, it’s broken, kinda sucks. But no big deal, it’s just a finger ….


Or so I naively thought …

I’m right handed, and I can’t begin to tell you how ill adept I am at using my left hand for things: brushing my teeth, using a fork and knife, washing and drying my hair, buttoning buttons, texting. Now think of trying to work: typing, using a mouse, writing with a pen/pencil… Think about it. Yes, you use both hands for many things, but how often is the task done evenly with both hands? Brushing my teeth as a lefty is one of the funniest things to watch, I end up moving my head more than moving my arm and it’s just goofy. If I were on the Truman Show, I’m sure the audience would be in stitches watching me. It’s a 50/50 chance I start laughing!

While my left hand tries to catch up to the dexterity of my right, I’ve been following a strict routine of icing my hand, taking anti-inflammatories, drinking milk, and eating foods rich in protein and antioxidants. (Nerd? Yes! But I’ll do anything to help the bones and muscles heal faster!) Until then, I’ll take a few rainouts and a little luck.

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