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All hail to the old gold and black

Ah my alma mater, I do not miss your cold, wet weather. I do not miss your lack of Mexican food options, I do not miss the 6 month disappearing act the sun pulled each year. But I do miss you at times. I do miss the color of the fall leaves, I do miss sledding after the first big snow, I do miss my girls, my friends, and all the experiences I had up north. I do wish we all lived closer together! The majority of Purdue graduates flock to Indianapolis, Chicago, and St. Louis. Not so very many folk come to Texas. I knew I wanted to come home after graduation, but it sure makes it hard when your close college friends can all get together fairly frequently and you’re the odd-man-out across the country. Winter has arrived in Dallas (and yes, by that I do mean that days at 70 degrees are growing fewer and days at 50-60 degrees are becoming more common). The cold weather reminds me of my alma mater and that, combined with this holiday season, has made me nostalgic for those corn fields of good ole Indiana. I miss the football games, breakfast club, the basketball games, grand prix, fountain runs, drunken roomie nights off of Franzia (well, maybe I only a little miss those… the memory alone hurts my stomach!) I need a good laugh session with those girls because I’m kinda homesick for that cold, sweet, little home-away-from-home!

The Purdue Alumni Association put together this video, it’s called “You never outgrow being a Boilermaker”. Watch it, share it, love it . BOILER UP!

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