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Almost there

Well, my finger is almost better! Operative there is almost. I can bend it almost all the way, the swelling has almost completely gone away, I can almost write normally with a pen/pencil. It’s so close to being better. (Yes, I do realize it’ll be at least a month before it’s technically completely healed, but right now the important things are dexterity and usability!) But that’s it. It’s close. It’s almost. It’s not better yet. Curses. I have kickball tonight, a flag football double header tomorrow where playing-time would have been a-plenty, and softball on Sunday. Combine that with the rain-outs of the past 10 days or so and it makes for one antsy girl over here! Playing or not, I love being out there with my teams. But given the choice, wouldn’t you prefer to play? Logically and rationally I do realize it’s important that it heals and heals correctly. Lord knows two things: I don’t want to go through this process again and no part of me wants to have a doctor re-break my finger because I didn’t wait long enough. I’ve been incredibly fortunate that in my 26 years I’ve never really had any major injuries. I’ve never done anything that required surgery or being placed in a cast. Up until last fall when I sprained my knee, I’d only jammed fingers and sprained an ankle or two. And those injuries certainly never kept me out of anything. I’ve been incredibly fortunate that between my knee and my finger I’ve really only had to sit out a handful of games (for which I am very thankful). So now I have to have patience for this time of almost. I can cheer like hell and have fun with my friends, because for most of my leagues the season is almost over and the two-month holiday hiatus is about to begin!

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