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44 down, 46 to go

Tomorrow I’ll be at the half-way point! It really does feel like I’m on cruise control at the moment. I can feel the strength and flexibility continuing to improve each week, especially in my lower back. I’m down 2 more pounds on the scale and another inch in the legs and waist. Most of these posts feel like they are getting repetitive, but I think continued overall improvement is an exciting thing worth mentioning. And of course results measured in inches and pounds are great things! 

My finger continues to heal, but is also continuing to halt many of the upper body workouts. This week I’m going to try and re-introduce a few weights and bands back into the routines and see how the finger goes. Last week it seemed that as long as I didn’t have to hold myself in a plank position, or really put the weight of my body on the one hand, it felt ok. So this week I’ll try gripping and moving and hopefully get through them. We’ll see how it goes, but please feel free to cross your fingers for me!

I’m starting to get burnt out on the routine again (fitting since next week is a recovery week). After long days playing sports is usually a great stress reliever, and I look forward to games moreso on those days than on any other. But oddly enough on those very same days I’m not excited to do the P90X workouts. I feel better after I do them, but motivating myself to do them is a chore when I’m stressed. And there’s been a lot of stress. So yes, the recovery week (minus the yoga) is very welcomed!

I haven’t really had a chance to cook anything new, so my meals have been pretty uneventful. (What that really means is that bills started getting crazy again, and my food budget is the only spot I really have wiggle room in so it’s the first thing to go.) But I’ve mastered the overnight oats recipe and have several go-to combinations I think are delicious! (As soon as I get some good pictures I’ll post them up on the TDC blog). I eat lots of turkey sandwiches with veggies and then dinner is a toss up of yogurt and veggies or basically what I have in the kitchen. I can’t grocery shop until next week, so most of my meals are just a conglomerate of what I have available in the kitchen. But I’m not doing anything really crazy or secretive, I just aim for a balance.

44 down.. 46 to go!

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