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50 down, 40 to go

Being just over halfway through the program, I thought I’d share my results thus far: 

  • Lost 3 pounds from the scale
  • Lost 2 inches in my chest
  • Lost 2.5 inches in my waist
  • Lost 1.5 inches in my abdomen
  • Lost 1 inch in my hips
  • Lost 2 inches in my thighs (total circumference, not in each leg) 


If that’s not motivation to keep going, I’m not sure what is!

The other exciting thing is this week is recovery week! It’s about time. Like I said last week, the time commitment of it all was starting to wear on me, so I’m thankful to get a chance to take a break. I enjoy being active but doing this on top of my current sports schedule does tend to get a bit old. I am glad to be on the downhill side of this program, although I truly can’t believe my 90 days is already half over. Time has flown by!

While not as drastic as they’ve been other weeks, I continue to see results each week! This past week they’re from a different area as I lost an inch in my shoulders and chest. I’m thinking the loss has more to do with I’ve been missing two weeks of upper body weight workouts (due to the ole broken finger) and less to do with losing body fat. But I guess we’ll see in the coming weeks if the inch returns or not. While hips and abdomen stayed the same from last week, I did lose another half inch in my waist and thighs! I’ll take that!!

My finger held up surprisingly well last week. I was able to do pretty much everything but the pull-ups, that still hurt. It wasn’t an excruciating pain or anything dire, but it felt uncomfortable enough that I did feel the need to stop. I have bands, so I just continued those portions of the workouts with those and got along just fine. I did play softball for the first time since I broke it last night and other than it was uncomfortable batting, it felt good. A lot of it still just feels stiff, and I’ve noticed the more I’ve moved it the better it feels. Now here’s to hoping I don’t lose the nail! And while I’m hoping for things, Thanksgiving is this week and I hope I do a good job of not eating the entire bowl of mashed potatoes!

50 down.. 40 to go!

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