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The Dynasty Continues

PBPS Fall 2010 Kickball Champions

Two years ago, team Peanut Butter Pudding Surprise took the kickball world by storm… Well, not really, but in our minds we did! In our inaugural season we won the league championship (read about our first championship). In every season since, we’ve made it to the finals, a grand total of seven appearances including last night’s playoff run. And like seasons 1 and 6, season 7 also saw us end as CHAMPIONS! We played solid on offense and on defense, played calm and controlled, and came out on top once again. I am such the little kid about these events, because even though this was my 7th intramural championship (4 kickball, 3 softball) in the past two years, it never gets old! Each and every victory is fun, and each and every championship is memorable. For now we’ll relish in the victory and prepare for next season, so until then.. we WON the ‘SHIP!!

Here are the championship winning PBPS teams of seasons past :

PBPS Fall 2008 Kickball Champions

PBPS Summer 2010 Kickball Champions

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