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Oh flavored popcorn, how I love thee

Flavored Popcorn

Other than today, where I’ve fallen victim to one of my favorite holiday foods, I do a pretty good job of eating a balance of food. I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies, I try to drink lots of water, and I’m not a huge dessert person in general (which does make it easier!) Holiday parties and being surrounded by food isn’t usually a problem for me… unless there’s flavored popcorn. Those tins filled with cheese/butter/caramel popcorn only make an appearance in my life around Christmas and that makes it oh-so-hard for me to resist them! It’s such a tasty snack and blends the perfect amount of sweet and salty. In all fairness, I never buy it for myself, but they do get delivered to work in astonishingly large tins. I just went into the kitchen to refill my trusty water bottle and BAM! There it was. I do hope it disappears by the end of the day as I just poured myself a serving and hope I have the self control not to go back for a second.

…but it is the holidays, right?!

Update about an hour later… Not sure what it is, but my stomach does NOT feel awesome. Maybe it’s God’s way of keeping me from eating a second serving!

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