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63 down, 27 to go

Alright, it’s confession time, I have been slacking. Pretty much since I broke my finger and had to take a hiatus from doing some of the upper body workouts, I haven’t been great about keeping up with the 6 day a week commitment. And it just so happens that my recovery week from the previous week may have extended to two weeks because other than about 25 minutes of yoga last week, I really didn’t do anything. I still had my volleyball, kickball, flag football, and soccer games, but no P90 workouts happened. I have to admit it was fun to take it easy, but I can tell the difference that I’ve gradually declined from 6 days a week, to about 3 days a week, and then last week didn’t do anything. Long term, I think 3 days a week is a much more realistic habit to maintain than 6, but I haven’t finished the original 90 yet. And since I will be traveling from Thursday to Sunday, I’m not seeing that changing back this week!

So what have I been up to instead? I finished up most of my fall sports leagues last week. My kickball team won the championship!! My flag football team made it to the finals, and then lost to a perennial champ. My soccer team lost both of its games, but my softball team won both of theirs. I also had an old friend’s birthday this past weekend.

Hopefully I’m able to squeeze in some sweat sessions this week!

63 down.. 27 to go!

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