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Oh wow. Seriously. Wow. Bootcamp held up to it’s reputation and did not disappoint. It was a workout! I left with jiggling legs, covered in sweat, and slightly out of breath. I did more squat-thrusts than I’ve done since grade school! So far I’m not really sore today, but when I lifted my legs to stretch them out at my desk I can feel that my muscles are still tired. I really enjoyed the P90X workouts, but they were nowhere near as challenging as this was. At one point last night I was pushing a weighted sled back and forth across the room, Tony Horton had nothing on that!! I think it’s because the bootcamp involves cardio elements into each exercise whereas only the cardio, kenpo, and plyo DVDs did that in P90. A leg exercise definitely got my legs working, but I was never sucking wind the way I was last night.

Not surprising, my favorite part of the bootcamp was finishing! I get the biggest endorphin high after a hard workout (the operative word there is after. During them, I do sometimes mentally curse the world and question my own sanity for putting myself through this hell.) I almost think they should test my blood because about 45 minutes after I’m done, I feel awesome and almost hyper! The class was from 7:00-8:00 last night, and it took my body a long time to settle down before it could go to sleep. The class meets three times per week. I figure that as long as I can make it to at least two of them, and squeeze some stretching and flexibility in at some point each week, I’ll be able to stave off injury and illness as I decide if I’m going to play winter/spring sports this year. And I realized just how worn down my running shoes are, so any excuse to go buy new ones should be embraced! 

At least for the month of January, bootcamp is where I’ll be. February may be another story… My super weak core muscles did not appreciate holding a plank position for 4 minutes!!

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