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Househunters Dallas: Episode 1

It’s getting to be about that time of the year again… moving time! My lease is up in March, but I need to give my cousin 30 days notice if I won’t be staying in his townhouse again next year. It’s so funny how much things change in a year. Last year I was really hoping I would be done moving (it’s such a pain!) Last year I was hoping I could stay in the same place and really be less nomadic. But of course life happens and disrupts that, and I’ve definitely learned my lesson! So house hunting began… and if the rest of the process is anything like what we’ve experienced so far then we really should have our own tv show!

Richmond House, it was only ok

Here’s the background… my sister, her old friend Molly, and I are looking to move into a little house somewhere just outside of downtown Dallas. We’ve been on-and-off looking for places but searching in earnest started last week (I’ve found many listings available on Craig’s List and would definitely recommend it to anyone else out there looking.) Last weekend we even went and saw a place (pictured above)! It wasn’t awful, but not great either. It was an older home (built in 1925 apparently) and because of that definitely showed it’s age in spots. One bathroom had been remodeled, but the other hadn’t, and the kitchen looked like something out of Leave it to Beaver. It also didn’t have a fence around the patch-of-grass-called-a-yard, which we’d need for Kath and Molly’s dog. I don’t think we’ll become residents of that house on Richmond, but it was definitely a good place to get started looking.

The realtor we met with was another story. There was definitely something wrong with this guy. He didn’t know anything about the property, had the memory of a sieve, and in every way possible came off as creepy. I would not have felt comfortable meeting him someplace alone. My sister and I gave him a rough idea as to what we were looking for (3 bedroom, at least 2 bath, pet friendly, etc) and he could not keep it straight. Responses to our very basic questions were met with a slightly glazed-over expression that seemed to suggest he wasn’t completely present in the here-and-now. I truly have no idea how he makes a living. I hope we don’t run across him again. I love house hunting, looking at places, and let my creative side go nuts thinking about the potential of a place, but I hate lining up all the appointments, talking to incompetent and creepy realtors, and driving all over town.

Miller House we hope to see!

Luckily we did find a little house that we love from the outside (see above), so hopefully we can get in to see it sometime this week!

Check back soon for episode 2….

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