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GUEST POST: Regaining Sanity

For those of you interested in laughing at us and with as we endure the infancy stages of our two-dog home – we thank you for coming along.

It’s been 10 days since we adopted Grover and 6 days since our first encounter with The Dog Whisperer. I am proud to proclaim that things are improving on Willow Street and I am no longer a nutcase teetering with one foot in the crazy place. I am back in positive town, folks! What’s the remedy you ask? Two words – Dog Park.

You see, Woody hates Grover because he is a senior citizen and wants to sleep. And because he is obsessed with me but that’s another issue in itself. Let’s focus on one thing at a time here. Woody has no desire to get all frisky and sprint around the house like a wild coyote. He’s frail and petite. His ideal night includes giving me 50-100 kisses in and round my face followed by a good 3-hour burrowing session beneath my blanket on the couch before transitioning to the bed for the exact same activity. Grover desperately wants to play. I had no clue just how deep-rooted this desire was until we entered Cabrini Park on Saturday morning. Oh. Em. Gee.  (Sidenote: Woody didn’t accompany the fam on our first trip with Grover to the dog park, however, he did get a walk of his own before we left.)

Upon entering the park, it took Grover about 3 minutes to realize that none of the dogs wanted to hurt him and that he could run free. Once he understood the concept he, the world’s most athletic dog, went nuts. He ran, played, hurdled, rolled, and frisked around with dog after dog for 45 minutes. At which point he plopped down on the sidewalk in exhaustion – success!! He was a blast to watch and we got more than our fair share of compliments on what a good dog he is from fellow owners at the park.  When we returned home he didn’t even attempt to play with Woody nor did he perform any of his sprinting antics through our house. Hooray!!! We have taken him to the dog park every single day since.

A tired Grover on his ride home from the dog park!

Fast Forward to Last Night…..

Mary Poppins returned to our house for her follow-up visit and commended us on our progress. She said we were great students and she could tell we had been practicing (back pat!). Apparently dog whisperers also have internal body heaters because what was our lesson last night – outdoor leash skills. Lady, it is 30 degrees and dark outside – we will most certainly freeze to death not to mention we do live in the murder capital of the world so there is also that possibility we may in fact be shot on the dark streets of nola. Sigh.

Nevertheless, Thomas put Woodrow in his new walking harness contraption and Grover slid in his gentle leader collar and off we went. The dogs were both incredible and quick learners. They both heel and sit as soon as we stop walking. Ahh, I’m such a proud mother.  Doggie Yoda stayed for 2 hours and 45 minutes last night and as she departed told us that Grover is going to make the perfect family dog. We all know that Woody is already perfect so essentially our children are angels…right…

Doggie School begins Saturday morning @ 8:30..I sure hope the other dogs are ready for Grover. He will no doubt be the #1 student. Woody and Doctor Man will be sleepy soundly until we return home :)

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