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Househunters Dallas: Episode 2

Another weekend, another house to look at. With appointments on both Saturday and on Sunday I was pretty convinced that my roommates and I would have a better idea of where’d we would be living. It didn’t quite work out that way. The realtor we were supposed to meet with on Saturday never showed up and left my sister and I waiting out in front of the house (pictured below). That house was new construction and from what we could see through the windows looked very, very nice. The neighborhood it was in.. not so much. It was with three other newly constructed houses, but the rest of the neighborhood looked rundown and poorly maintained. There was also a lot of foot-traffic through the neighborhood. Even though we do have a big black dog, and undoubtedly would have an alarm system, that three girls would be moving into one of the nicest houses on the block I feel would be like putting a giant target on our backs. My other concern would be the electric bill given it’s size. And having just been through an incredibly stressful summer of high bills, I really don’t want to bite off such a large chunk of expenses again.

Munger House

Sunday’s search actually felt productive. For one, the realtor called and confirmed the appointment with me. The house was bigger than the Richmond house from last weekend, but was smaller than the Munger house above.

Bennington House

It was an older house, but in a quiet little neighborhood off of Northwest Highway on Bennington. The three bedrooms were all about the same size, so ideal for a roommate situation. It had three very large living areas, one of which had built-in shelving that would be ideal to be set up as a bar. It had all new appliances in the kitchen and new front-load washer/dryers. The kitchen is where it started to get fun (see photos below – they were taken with my phone, so the quality is iffy). It looked like something straight out of Happy Days! It had a cream/very pale pink linoleum flooring. The cabinets were painted bright baby blue. The countertops were a Formica in the same pale-pink color as the floor, but there rimmed with a riveted metal. And underneath where a small kitchen table would go, there was a baby blue tile pattern in the floor. It almost looked like a retro diner!

photo3 photo4 photo5

The back room (if you went through the door featured in that middle photo above) had its own small kitchen. It even had a stove that was so old, it was before they started coming with pilot lights. (I won’t lie, I’m not entirely sure what that means. But being that it was gas related, I can assure you I would never turn that stove on.) It also had a linoleum floor, but cream colored… and with a GIANT orange square pattern built-in to the floor. Very fun, very retro.

                             photo  photo2

The only real downside I could see is the closet space, and I realize that will be an issue in any older home. I’ve already spent the past year in an older place, with a smaller closet, and it would be less an issue for me. But I do have a feeling it may be an issue with my roommates. I really like this little Bennington house and could be a lot of fun! I have a few friends who are passing along contact information of other realtors and so the process is still ongoing. If it’s been like this trying to rent a home, I can’t imagine how the process is to buy one!

Stay tuned for episode 3!

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