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My winter coat is coming out of retirement

Looking at this makes me cold. No, this isn’t the Dallas forecast (thank goodness!) It’s West Lafayette, Indiana’s forecast for the next three days. BRRRRR. I do not miss one part of having months and months on end of overcast skies and these temperatures, but yet I do love it there. It’s my second home, it’s where Purdue is! I haven’t been back to Purdue since April of 2007. I’ve been back up to Indianapolis and to Chicago, but other than about 10 minutes spent on campus in June to pick up a friend, I haven’t really been back.

You may remember my good college friends all got together back in July for a little reunion up at Lake Minocqua in Wisconsin. We had a great time and pretty much decided that our next get together would be to Denver next year for Laura’s wedding. And then last October something amazing happened.. Southwest Airlines and their incredible $30/60/90 special came to be, and the idea for meeting up for the Michigan State basketball game and for my 27th birthday was born. We all bought our tickets and the reunion was planned!

So from Vegas, Connecticut, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Dallas we will venture to meet back up at our alma mater tomorrow. I’m so unbelievably excited to go up there and spend the weekend with these amazing girls! Timing really couldn’t be better!! And really, what better way to kick-off your birthday celebrations than with some of your favorite people in one of your favorite places in the world? So in the honor of my birthday, my friends, my school, (and of the fact I’m breaking my no-visits-to-Indiana-from-November-to-April rule), my winter coat is coming out of retirement.

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