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TDC Face Lift

It’s been a busy few weeks for me in all areas.. my real job is busy prepping for board meetings and our huge annual convention, coaching is back in full swing, I’ve started bootcamp and expanded the Tuesday Dinner Club as big as it can realistically get right now. I’ve also redesigned this blog and now I’ve done the same with my TDC blog.

I started the TDC blog back in April and since then it’s been through two renditions. I don’t have a picture of the first one because the site crashed. but here is a picture of how it used to look before yesterday:

Aug 2010 - Jan 2011

And after my work yesterday, here is how the blog looks today:

January 2011 TDC Redesign

I applied the same structure as is here on this blog, I added a real analytics program, and tried to simplify the design to where the pictures of the food are what stand out (and yes, I now realize I need a better camera to really make the food ‘pop’). I also wanted it to follow similar color themes as this one so the two become cohesive from a design point of you… Basically both sites were going to then incorporate light blues, pictures, and use white space to break up areas. I don’t get to design or use a whole lot of my creative juices in my real job, so I really do enjoy when I get to play a little bit on my little pieces of intertronic real estate.

Go to the TDC blog, check out it’s new “face”, try a few recipes, and feel free to comment here on how much you like/dislike the change!

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