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Bootcamp Butt Kickin

I’ve been doing bootcamp with two friends of mine for a month now. Every Wednesday we show up at Jerome’s Gym, armed with water, and ready to spend the next 60 minutes trying to catch our breath. This bootcamp boasts that it’s the, “Home of the World’s Toughest Workout” and it doesn’t disappoint! It’s tough and will get you up, moving, and sweating. I did about 5-6 weeks of the P90X program, and while it was a good all-around workout and I felt in shape with it, this absolutely kicks my butt each week. We do cardio, we do weights, stations, circuits, jumping jacks, squat thrusts, and a variety of core strengthening exercises… And this is where I really struggle. It’s slightly ridiculous how little core strength I have. Holding a plank position for 4 minutes, or laying on my back and holding my feet 6 inches off the ground for 4 minutes are absolutely brutal for me. I can run and lift and hold my own with the best of them, but those two things… not so much. We held plank last night, and today my lower back is just on fire.

Last night another bootcamp first happened, I got called out to run with the boys. They were running for time and had to make it around a section of the parking lot (~350 meters-ish I think, I’m a terrible judge of distance but it felt slightly less than a full loop around a track) in 60 seconds. He gave me 65 seconds. In between each run we had to do squat thrusts, 100 push ups, or deep squats while the other groups ran their loops. I made my time twice and then started to slow down. About my sixth lap through, my legs just died and I was down to a jog, but I finished! We finished up the night running a mile, doing 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, and then running another mile. (The mile runs were absolutely the easiest parts of the night!)

Between the bootcamp, indoor soccer, and the handful of P90X dvds I’ve been doing in the past month, I’m starting to feel like I’m in good all-around shape; I actually feel like I’m in better shape now than I was when I was doing all the half marathons. I know I can easily run for an hour (and probably more), I feel strong, and I feel faster off the line.. At least keeping up with the boys in class last night for the first four runs makes me think I’m getting faster. Even if I’m not, feeling in shape is awesome!

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