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And then I turned 27

Last week was my big birthday, twenty seven smackeroos (the word felt appropriate.. judge not…) My actual birthday was a week ago today, and with celebrations with friends at Purdue and then last weekend with friends in Dallas, my birthday truly was a week-long event! Although after a week of walking around proclaiming, “It’s my birthday!” my new coworker, Ryan, has assured me the event is now over. But it was fun while it lasted! Here is what the week-o-Liz ended up looking like (and the pics are all from the party Saturday)…

Monday- On my actual birthday I had to coach basketball from 7:00-8:30. My athletic director at the school I coach had told my kiddos earlier in the day, and they were hilarious about it. (Side note, I have no idea how my old AD remembers when my birthday is. I graduated from the 8th grade 13 years ago!!) They’re really good kids, and after many many birthday wishes from them we wrapped up. I then met up with Pedro and Susan at Campania for pizza, wine, celebrations, and to exchange stories of Purdue and Dallas while I was gone (as a bouncer, he is witness to some pretty ridiculous things! And let’s just say I learned new vocabulary words..)

They're about to have new neighbors!

Tuesday- Tuesday was the TDC. I made salmon cakes and for the first time ever there were seven people there! But we are at about our limits for what can fit around my little itty bitty kitchen table, so at least until I move in March this will be it.


Wednesday- Bootcamp. One of my friends there decided to tell Jerome it was my birthday week. He decided I then had to run an extra lap. Happy birthday to me.

The ICING culprits

Thursday- A few friends have decided that Jazzfest is in our future this year. So we got together, Andy cooked a delicious chicken/rice/vegetables dinner, enjoyed margaritas and decided on dates/hotels/budgets. Upon hearing there were shenanigans going on at Stone Elephant, I then went and proceeded to be witness to one of the funniest karaoke nights up there. Between the theme songs to the Jetsons and Flintstones, the male Greased Lightning trio, and Soulja Boy, (plus a blonde moment or two of my own) I was laughing pretty hard. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to hear one particular patron sing “Splish Splash” without cracking up ever again.

Smiles all around

Friday- After a lunch celebration at Club Schmitz with the work crowd, I had planned on going shopping for something fun to wear to my party on Saturday. That was the plan. And then texts about happy hour started circulating. Sure! Why not? Angel, Stephanie, Tyre, Grygar, and myself met up after work. That turned into dinner and patio time at Gloria’s, which turned into additional friendship with Tep 1 and Pedro at J Pepe’s.

My Ft Worth-ians

Saturday- Saturday was the big day. I met the rest of my new flag football team that morning, and after shaking some rust off played a pretty good flag football game that ended in a victory for the Slackers. Then we started enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree weather outside at the Barley House. My basketball team unfortunately didn’t score that elusive 10 points yet (our highest in a game is 9 right now), and we fell to St Cecilia by a score of 7-32. I was then off to start my night. After a fantastic dinner at Mia’s, Sherlock’s was beckoning.

And the fun continues with these guys

It was a popular birthday weekend and several people were party hopping, but I was truly shocked at the turnout! All in all, there may have been about 40 who came (I’m a bad judge of numbers, so it may be a little more/less than that).People I’d met only that morning came on over to say hi, as did people on other teams throughout the different league nights I play in. I know I need to file away Saturday in my memory for rainy days, because, WOW Smile  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. After feeling invisible and so unsure of my footing at times for the better part of last year, I didn’t on Saturday. It sounds so cliché, but it was a great way to start off being a year older.

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  • Kristen February 3, 2011, 9:00 am

    Liz- LOVE the dress you’ve got on in all these pics! So glad you had a great bday :)

  • epryor February 3, 2011, 9:09 am

    Thanks, Kristen!! Part of what made it so awesome was getting to kick-off celebrations with you all and Peppermint Patties up at Purdue :)

  • charding February 3, 2011, 3:55 pm

    Sorry we couldn’t be there to help you celebrate, but I’m glad you got a week’s worth of fun. You should be selfish more often!

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