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It’s beginning to look a lot like.. March Madness Time

With the college basketball regular season about to come to an end, it’s about time for March Madness to start! Obviously, I am slightly biased towards my Boilermakers.. Just ever-so-slightly…. (And this past weekend was no different, as I’ve read every summary of the Purdue/Ohio State game that I could find. Yes, my Boilers came out on top with a W!) Second only to bowl season, this is my favorite time of year for college sports. Who is this year’s Cinderella team going to be? Because without a doubt there will be one. Which underdog is going to make a big showing by upsetting a perennial powerhouse? Because without a doubt one of the big teams will fall to a small one. Year after year teams learn that to make it to the next round, and then all the way to the Championship, you have to earn it. I realize that many of these players are hoping to get noticed by top scouts so that they can make it into the NBA. But when you look at their faces and see their fire and passion, it’s hard not to get swept up in it. Just like college football, I love how the college basketball players genuinely love being out there. It’s not just a job to them, it’s still fun!

Basketball has always been a huge part of my family’s life; there were many a spring break vacations spent watching Bracketology and then as many games as we could manage before having to return to school the following week. At one point I do remember asking my dad if he could write me a note so I could leave early from school to watch games… Him being the responsible parent.. Laughed.. And then said, ‘No’. Gonzaga actually made the list of colleges I looked at to attend because my family fell in love with the small, Catholic, Cinderella school that burst onto the scene in the late 90s. (Remember how I come from a slightly sports-crazy family? Yep, this is an example of one of those moments!)

I hope my Boilermakers do well. I hope the injury plagued season we’ve had comes together to bring a title to the city of West Lafayette, Indiana. I know at full strength we would easily be in the Final Four, so the real question is do we have the heart and temerity to get there without those players? I have every confidence that if we show up to play that we will.

That the tip-off to March Madness starts on St Patty’s day this year is just icing on the cake!

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