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End of the townhouse era

With it being almost-March, my time at my cousin’s townhouse is almost-over. I’ve been househunting for the past month, but so far nothing has panned out quite right. (Note to self: when living with a roommate whose parents are footing their portion of the bills, make sure said roommate actually discusses this with her parents before you begin searching. Finding a house, submitting applications, and signing a lease only to then find out she can’t sign because this crucial funding step was.. overlooked… is frustrating to say the least!)

As I’ve posted photos of the various houses we’ve looked at so far, I thought it was about time to photograph where I’ve spent the last year. I’m not going to lie, the other reason was because I’d spent several hours scrubbing the place from top-to-bottom to get it in ‘showing’ shape’. So why not take pictures when my place is looking it’s best? (I mean… of course it always looks so neat and tidy and swept up…)


All my hard work definitely paid off, my cousin has a new renter for his townhouse for the next year! It does make me laugh to think how excited I was to move in, and then now I feel the same about moving out. It was a great little place to live and the access to Katy Trail to run was an amazing perk, but the electric bills in the summer were a little more than I could chew. Oh well. Live. Learn. Don’t repeat. Not to mention a season without Cowboys football games, college football, Ranger playoff, and sports in general was also a tad torturous. Let’s hope that never has to be repeated also!

My househunters posts will return here shortly as our (read: my) search for a place to live continues. There are a few prospects on my plate now, so hopefully one of them will pan out.

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