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One and done

With an 11-27 loss yesterday my basketball season is done for the year. My kiddos finished off the season a whopping 1-10. A friend of mine said, “…sounds like it’s time for a coaching change…” …eeek! I sincerely hope that that’s not the problem! (Yes, that is self-serving, but I own that.)

My 8th Graders - Spring 2011

I had 8 girls on my roster this year. On a given night I only had 3 or 4 at practice. We couldn’t dribble, we couldn’t shoot, we couldn’t pass. But other than that, my girls did everything I asked of them. They always ran hard, they were aggressive (particularly #2 right there in the middle. Despite her size she was a force to be reckoned with out there!) and they did spend the entire season laughing and having fun both on the court and the bench.

Like the past few years, I’m sure I learned as much from them as they did from me. Having a purely rec team, I had to change my approach a bit. Most drills were run against me: they had to play offense, defense, dribble, and shoot over me (many practices I wouldn’t be surprised if I left more tired than them!) My flex offense got simplified to about 2 passes and then taking the shot. And our only inbounds play (…and yes, of course we ran Circle!) was simplified to 2 passes and a single screen versus 4 passes and a double screen. Their execution was actually pretty good, up until the point they took the shot. There just always seemed to be an imaginary lid on our hoop and the ball refused to go in (we only scored more than 9 points twice in the entire season). And I’m sure there were many games where I was more frustrated than they were, but they tried so hard! I wanted it so bad for them!!

I hope they had fun. I hope they look back on the season fondly. And with the amount of time they put into practicing their jumps during my practice, I hope they all make their high school cheerleading squads.

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