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Don’t drop the.. keys…

After an epically long 17 hour day, it was done. I moved out of the townhouse I’d spent the last year in. Usually I have a few weeks to casually pack a few boxes here and there. With scheduling and all the chaos surrounding this year’s move, I really only had 24 hours. I only got the boxes about 36 hours before the movers were at my door! It was crunch time. So after waking early on Sunday, and then at 4:30am on Monday, most everything was packed and ready to go. I threw the remainder of my clothes into garbage bags (because yes, I am Klassy that way.. capital K) while the movers loaded my living room furniture onto their truck. 5 hours later everything was unloaded into my living room at the new house.

This is when the first of the only-happens-to-Liz  moments took place…

I had 2 final trips to make back and forth, the first of which was for cleaning supplies, the last of which would have been the food leftover in my refrigerator and freezer. I get out of my car and am certain I click the button in the door to unlock all the doors. I let myself in to my townhouse and am certain I twisted the door lock that would keep it from re-locking once the door was shut. I gather the next load of small items and head back out to my car. Sure enough. Car’s locked. Whoops, ok, no big deal… except that when I turned to go back into my townhouse it too is locked. Apparently I wasn’t quite at certain as I thought I was. I mentally go through my inventory.. cell phone, keys, wallet…. ALL LOCKED INSIDE.

So I walk on over to West Village and into a Starbucks. Afterall, all I need to do is call my cousin and have him come let me in (because where else would the set of spare keys that I made be but be with him at this point… yeah, good planning there also…) I’m so reliant on my cell phone, I realize I really only know a handful of numbers off the top of my head. I call my dad, get my cousin’s cell number, call him, he says he’s needs to see if the spare set is in his wife’s car and to call back in 30 minutes. After strolling around the outside of West Village for the next half hour, I call him back from Palm Beach Tan. Sure enough, he’s got them and is on his way. All in all, it cost me about an hour and a half. I thank him profusely and go back to my cleaning. I load up the car with all the cleaning supplies and odds and ends left, deposited them at the new place and went back for the food in the refrigerator (somehow I’ve acquired an ABSURD amount of condiments, especially for someone who doesn’t really like a whole lot of sauces. I must have bought them for guests/parties.)

This is when the second of the only-happens-to-Liz moments happened…

I head to drop off the keys to my cousin for the final time. I pull up in his driveway finish a conversation I’m having with my mom, and then realize that while I did get all the food out of the refrigerator… I forgot all the stuff in the FREEZER. Ordinarily I would have shrugged it off and not worried about it. But there was frozen fish, frozen shrimp, pizzas, party foods like mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers, and probably 2 bags of frozen french fries/hash browns. These are all things I’d eat and at some point replace (and let’s be honest, deserting uneaten french fries somewhere is simply unacceptable behavior!) Being that the gas to drive there and back was definitely less than the cost of replacing it all, I turned around.

Luckily that really was the final trip. As it stands right now my bed has been assembled, most of my clothes have been hung in my closet, and my bathroom has been unpacked. The rest is in shambles. But it’s done. The hard part is ALL DONE!!

**Cue happy dance!

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