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A little bit of crazy

This past weekend was a little nuts.. and I won’t lie I loved every minute of it! It was what this blog is about: friends, fun, sports, and life. I truly enjoy being busy. As long as I can get all my errands done, I am quite happy bouncing from activity to activity, and this past weekend I may have taken that ever-so-slightly to the extreme. Cue happy face.

Friday started off with a birthday dinner with close friends for Andy and Angel at Gordon Biersch.  There was a Kansas victory, there was a Purdue victory and before I knew it we were all headed across the street to Sherlock’s. Little did we know what was in store for the rest of the evening…

Angel Andy Bday Bash 2

A&A Birthday Bash (sans Kevin)

After enjoying the beautiful Texas spring weather for a bit, and comparing Stephen to Jim from Rudy (actor’s name is Mitch Rouse.. figuring out who this was occupied about 45 minutes of conversation. Apparently it was quite important Winking smile) we headed inside as the band started. The Mullet Boyz took the stage and Dance Party 2011 happened! For the next few hours about 10 of us got our dance on to all kinds of different 70s/80s songs. When closing time rolled around, we were all sweaty and exhausted but in a very happy way.

The next morning I slept in and ran a few errands before my flag football double header (I had an interception and a bunch of catches!) While I was sure there was sunscreen in my softball bag in the trunk of my car.. turns out I was mistaken. After 2.5 hours running around in the sun and another hour or two on the patio at Barley House, I started looking a little extra crispy to say the least. Raccoon eyes from sunglasses are totally sexy, right? (They are really evident in the pictures from the rest of the night…) A quick shower and change of clothes later I headed out to Carmen’s lingerie shower.


Carmen's Lingerie Shower

A delicious spread of food, a few games, wine, and a night out in the beautiful Texas weather made for a great shower! Let’s just say the rest of the details of the shower will be kept on the down-low. I have no doubt that Carmen will never forget this night.. and the multiple slots that were discovered Winking smile. Close girlfriends are the best! Around 10:30pm it was time to head out to my first birthday party of the night. Stop 2: Patty’s Surprise Party!

Surprise! Happy Birthday to Patty

Jamie pulled off some magic and managed to get all of their friends to their house without Patty catching on. My own sister almost spilled the beans at one point earlier in the week, but she must have been able to cover it up convincingly because all the stories I heard once I got there were about Patty’s surprised face when she came in! Beer pong, a softball recruitment attempt, Jell-O shots, and lots of laughing and friendship later and it was time to head off to birthday party #2. Although from the pictures I saw on Sunday, the party was just beginning at Jamie and Patty’s house.. Boones Farm made an appearance and then a prompt disappearance all around 1:30am! Stop 3: Pete’s Birthday Party!


Happy Birthday Pete!

Pete had a section reserved for his big 30th birthday shindig. He had a good showing and there were a lot of sports friends there to chat with.. not that I just hadn’t seen/talked to/played with and against in the previous 24 hours, but that’s just how we roll. I stayed for about an hour or so before needing to crash and get some sleep. Because the crazy schedule was continuing in a few hours as I had an early tee time.


FORE! (photo courtesy of Andy)

7:00 am came really early the next morning and I headed out to LB Houston to play with friends in our first ever Golf Day. (I have no idea why, but other than initial drowsiness I have zero problem waking up early for golf or a softball tournament, but often struggle to get out of bed for work.. hmmm my priorities may be slightly askew.. oh well.) A few of us had been talking about all getting together to go play for months and at the end of February I sat down and got the first day on the schedule. There were six of us for the inaugural event, but in total I have 16 people who say they want to be a part of this. It was a great way to kick off a Sunday and I’m already looking forward to the next one! I even kept up with the boys having shot a 112 to their 90, 102, 108, 111, and 114. I also got to try out my new driver on a course and for the most part I would say I was quite pleased. The ‘golf gods’ definitely toyed with my group though, particularly on the greens. And like always, if there was any water anywhere near me my ball went straight there. I really am nothing but consistent and shot a 56 on both the front and the back of the course. Although I happen to think being reliable is an underrated quality… or at least that’s what I’m going with!

After a quick re-fueling lunch with my group, I was off to the softball fields where I had a double header. We blew out the first team 13-0, but the second game was a really close and competitive one at 7-6. With the day over, we headed back to the patio at Sherlock’s and relaxed. Like I said, the weekend was a little bit of crazy, but also a BIG bit of fun! Maybe next weekend will be a little more chill… although knowing me.. probably not! Bring on the fun.

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