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In Boilermaker mourning

VCU? Virginia Commonwealth? REALLY?!

After such a strong season, after so much excitement going into the tournament, after big wins over top teams and after a particularly dominating game against Saint Peter’s, my team lost in the second round. The SECOND round!! The loss was so epically tragic for Purdue Alumn it would make a great Prevail and Ride post. Every game is important, but I was much more concerned about this weekend’s Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games than I was about the VCU game. Although in hindsight, there were some signs we weren’t 100%. Injuries aside, and the season was marred by injury from the beginning, we came out of the Big10 Tournament cold and flat footed. Michigan State, who’d we trumped twice earlier in the season, essentially played a game of keep-away and kept us away from a title. But after last Friday’s strong performance against Saint Peter’s, I really thought we’d gotten our act together.. not so much. Oh well. Until next year… (a sentiment that seems to be par for the course for any Dallas sports fan in recent years. You would think I’d be used to this by now!)

And yes, the Notre Dame loss did help ease the pain just a tad.. and may or may not have led to a happy dance.

While I’d love to say the success of my tournament bracket hinged on Purdue success, it really didn’t. I’m having a devil of a time picking the winning team this year! In years past I’ve always finished near the top of my pool standings, but not this year. My bracket is a sea of RED.


I’ve only lost one Final Four team, so I have that going for me. But the rest.. EEK! Louisville, Michigan State, St. John’s.. What happened to you all? I technically still have a chance, my “best score” if I win out would put me near the top of the pool’s overall standings, but right now I sit in a 7-way tie for 20th place. Yowza. My basketball credibility is taking a hit right now!


This is my 6th year to run a March Madness pool! It started out with 6 of my high school friends and it was only for year-long bragging rights within the group but has grown and evolved to now 41 people and a pot of around $350 (some still play only for bragging rights, what can I say we like consistency!)

Hopefully next year my Boilers come through. Hopefully next year my pool gets even bigger. Hopefully next year my bracket is slightly more green and less red. Until then I’m in my own version of basketball mourning.

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  • kimbers March 23, 2011, 7:54 pm

    It seems that the pain continues with the Purdue losses. It started with the embarrassing loss to Iowa in our last game of the season. Ok, it was bad. Let’s consider this a wake up call before the Big Ten Tourney, I told myself. Then on to the Big Ten Tourney, it was even MORE exciting because I was in Dallas to watch the game with my Purdue roommate! All we heard was “it’s hard to beat a team three times.” No problem, our Boilers can do it. Then, the loss to Michigan State. Ok, I can swallow that, at least it wasn’t in the NCAA tourney. Then, I get to go to my very first NCAA tournament game in Chicago LIVE with the Boilers! I was so thrilled, and we WON! I was on the highest of highs! Planning my weekend around the second round game Sunday, I was pumped. Ten minutes into the game, my heart hurt. It officially broke in half when I saw the camera zoom in on Robbie Hummel in tears…. what a season. Next year Purdue. Next year.

    Boiler Up!

    And…to give credit where credit is due, VCU played their hearts out. They absolutely deserve mad props, and I wish them luck in the rest of the tournament.

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