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Opening Day Eve

Part of the fun of an event, for me, is the anticipation. How dull and boring would life be without things to look forward to? Getting excited about whatever XYZ thing is a big part of the fun. And my excited ‘switch’ is on full blast right now.

Rangers v White Sox, May 2009

I’m going to Opening Day tomorrow for the Rangers. I’ve never been before, but it’s been on my list of things I’ve always wanted to do. It’s up there with going to the Super Bowl, a Final Four game, a World Series game, and playing golf over at St. Andrews (how fun would all those things be?!)

Greg's thoughts on sobriety at the Rangers/Red Sox Game, August 2009

I’ve been looking forward to this since about November, have had a countdown going for the past 36 days, and now it’s finally here. Opening Day Eve. The weather is supposed to be sunny and about 83 degrees. It’s a Friday not spent at work, but rather outside, watching a baseball game and tailgating with some of my closest friends. Maybe I’ll even catch a foul ball! (Yes, of course I’m bringing my glove!)

Jenna and I at the Rangers/White Sox game, May 2009

Baseball season is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint. It lasts from April until (hopefully) October. They play 162 games. 162!!

Rangers/Cubs game for Marco's 24th Birthday

But tomorrow will start the season and we’ll start to see answers to all the questions that have been swirling in the off season. And with the rough year for Dallas sports, I’m ready to see one of my teams (hopefully) have some success!

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