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"Some assembly required…"

Whenever you see that phrase, don’t assume it’s tell you the whole truth, all truth, and or nothing but the truth. I found this out the hard way on Friday.. and my friends who helped me assemble my sister and I’s new grill also inadvertently learned this lesson (if they didn’t know it already!) Long story short, for Christmas this year my dad got us a grill. Only we didn’t actually have it until last Thursday during lunch when my dad and I went to pick it up. It came in a big box, that was nice and heavy, and judging by it’s size I imagined the legs and side burners would need to be attached to the main frame, but that the rest would be good to go. Nope. Incorrect. The basin of the grill itself was assembled, but none of the paneling, the side burner, the base itself, the lids, the handles, etc. were together. I opened the box… and silently thought to myself a string of profanities. 2 hours later, it was assembled, cooking food, and good to go! (Big should out to my friends for their patience!!)

     P3300148             P3300136

Once the grill was up and running, real tailgating began! Big D had their annual tailgate and it was FULL of sports friends, drinks, games, and Pedro cooked. (Somewhere there is a picture of me and one of his taco burgers that was heavenly!)

   P3300137             P3300138

While it was a beautiful day temperature wise, the wind really started having some fun with us (or maybe just me who made the bad decision to wear a skirt… at that point I was really 2/2 on bad decisions that day!) The wind did make it interesting when taking pictures though, it took a few tries with both Derrick and Michelle to get workable photos.

    P3300142             P3300143

Take 1 is on the left and Take 2 is on the right…

    P3300144             P3300145

A few hours, a reapply with my sunscreen, and a few drinks later and we were off to the game. We were sitting up on the 3rd base side in section 315, and the entire section was all Big D people. How cool is that? There were friends sitting every which way I turned around!

     P3300150             P3300152

I was sitting in the first row of the section, and yes it’s very exciting not to have super tall people blocking my view!

     P3300149             P3300154

Only in Texas will you see such a large state flag present. And only in Texas will you see Sam Houston, Jim Bowie, and Davy Crockett be the characters racing it out in lieu of colored dots for opening day! (If you didn’t know, we in Texas are very proud of our state’s history!!)

Sure enough, the Rangers were ready to play after their World Series run last year. Ian Kinsler stepped to bat and on the second pitch of the season, crushed a ball to left field. Over the next three games against the Red Sox, he homered in each game. Nelson Cruz did the same. It’s definitely a good start to the season and I hope they can keep up the mojo going forward.

Post game, there was an additional hour or so of shenanigans before we cleaned up and headed home. This is where something funny happened… There was a group of guys throwing a football around 20 or so feet away from me. And when I say they were throwing it, that may be a liberal use of throwing. The ball was moving in the air between them, but was doing so nearly end-over-end in fairly painful form. One over-threw another and the ball came just a foot or two from my feet. I handed off my drink to a friend and threw a beautiful spiral pass back to the guy… that was furthest away from me. After a round of “OHHH OWNED!!” went out from his friends (and a few chuckles from me) that was that. Hey, I play flag football, I definitely know how to throw a ball!

All in all it was such a fun day!! There was a Ranger victory, a Friday spent outside at a baseball game with some of my favorite people, and the magic of SPF 100+ that allowed me to enjoy it without painful skin the following day. I think it’s safe to say I have a new Opening Day tradition.

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