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Book Review: Something Borrowed & Something Blue

I’ve officially read my first few books on the Kindle and I have to say that I love it! I was out of town last weekend and it was really convenient to just bring the Kindle and it’s charger, though I didn’t need to re-charge it. My carry on certainly thanked me for the lighter load of the one device versus 3 books (…or maybe that was my shoulder?) The Hunger Games was a great series, and I enjoyed the books. But they definitely left me wanting something a little lighter, happier, and easier to read. Based off of Jenna’s suggestion, I joined the Emily Giffin bandwagon.

                         SomethingBorrowed      SomethingBlue

These two books were about two unlikely friends, Rachel and Darcy, who only have two things in common: their lifelong friendship with each and both are in love with the same guy. Despite what it sounds like, this isn’t your stereotypical love triangle by any means (lord knows those books wear on my patience so I tend not to read them altogether). It’s actually more about the friendship between the girls than it is about the guy at all. These were really cute, they were really light and easy reads, and I can definitely see why so many girls I know have raved about these books (and it’s probably why Hollywood made a movie about Something Borrowed. The movie actually opens this week in theaters and is staring Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson.) I would recommend these to anyone looking for an easy book to read while lying by the pool.

I’ll be returning to my regularly-scheduled-reading-style with this next book. I’m about 100 pages in so far and like the others, it’s already building up to be a pretty exciting story! I really like James Patterson, his books follow a pretty straight forward formula, but like Mary Higgins Clark, it works for him. And I still look forward to them all!!

Next up on the reading list: The 8th Confession by James Patterson

Are there any books that need to be added to my ever-growing reading list? Right now I have The Help, The Lightning Thief series, and the Carrie Diaries.

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  • Kimbers August 22, 2011, 6:43 am

    I wanted to add a comment to the book reviews for Something Borrowed and Something Blue, since I have now read both. I am also trying to find someone that will watch the movie that just came out, Something Borrowed. (I wouldn’t have seen it in the theatre, it’s more of redbox quality I’m sure).

    I agree that these are really great pool books, or in my case pool and train ride books. You can easily put the book down and pick it back up and not become lost. These are pretty light hearted, “chick flick” books but, a good trade off if you are looking for something else.

    I suggest reading Something Borrowed first and then Something Blue, although I’m sure that’s already known. I ended up enjoying Something Blue a lot more than Something Borrowed because it was more a coming to terms of the first book. It was more “real life” if you can even go that far. Still cutesy, but good.

    Thanks for the book reviews Liz, I always reference this blog before hitting up the library!

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