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Sometimes I wonder if I ever matured past the age of 5 because just like when I was a kid, I can get into ruts where I can listen to/watch the same things on repeat. What can I say, the handy dandy repeat function on my phone encourages such behavior! There are a few albums I have on my iPhone and I have literally been listening to the same album, and more specifically the same 4-5 songs, for about a month now. I get into the car, connect my phone, and rock out in my incredibly nerdy way, as I’m not entirely sure you can “rock out” to anything by Darius Rucker. (Random side note- if you’re a fan, I highly recommend his new album, it’s pretty awesome!) But seriously, what is it about listening to the same thing, when you know every single word, over and over? Is it a comfort thing? Is it a this-song-is-so-awesome thing? Is it a lazy thing? I really have no idea, and to be honest, the answer isn’t really all that important.. the important thing is my iPhone having enough battery in it after a day of Words With Friends to rock out on my drive home.

So what albums have been keeping my repeat button busy?

     Mumford   DariusRucker    GooGooDolls

Any new music out there that I should add to my repertoire?

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