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Book Review: The 8th Confession

With about 10 days of sunshine (or more or less 10 days without rain) my reading got slightly pushed to the side. With a late game scheduled for last night I was finally able to finish the next book in the Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson, The 8th Confession.


It was good! While not quite as exciting or as suspenseful as some of the others, it did a great job of fleshing out some of the main characters. It also did a great job at moving forward with the characters’ personal lives. I have a feeling the next few books in this series will have even more twists in them! One of the things I like about this series is how relatable they are. The main characters could easily be myself and some of my oldest girl friends. One of my friends is even a district attorney, just like Jill and Yuki! If you’re looking for a new crime solving series to start reading, I’d highly recommend these books.

Next up on my reading list: The Carrie Diaries and The Lightning Thief

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