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Have there been sweeter words ever uttered? Yes, there are. But I’m being dramatic, and realize it, so it works. And for right now, I could care less!! This day was 8 weeks in the making! For the first time in my life I actually followed the doctor’s orders to the letter (this wasn’t necessarily by choice, I had some gentle coaxing along the way, but I did it!) With the good-to-go for softball and the instruction to “be careful” with flag football, that’s all I needed to hear. I even got the note to prove it!!

I actually went into the appointment this morning pretty nervous. While it felt fine, I remember seeing the x-ray only 4 weeks ago. I remember seeing how much damage needed to be repaired then. I was trying to be optimistic while at the same time staying realistic. I tried taking calcium supplements, but was waking up feeling very nauseous. I tried to push through the nausea in that it would only be temporary for a few weeks, but it then seemed crazy to be doing something that was deliberately making me sick after 2.5 weeks (although I didn’t give up the daily glass of milk. And it was still gross. every. single. day.) My doc said that he was impressed with the range of motion I already do have back in it and that the rest will come with time. When asked if there were any physical therapy type exercises I could do with it, like squeezing a tennis ball, he said to just be patient with it. It took 2 years for him to get full range of motion back when he injured one of his fingers. The funniest part was when he was examining my finger, he asked, “Did you injure this finger before? The knuckle is a little twisted…” Cue a slight awkward laugh from me and a, “…Yeah that was in October playing softball.” I guess I didn’t make it out of that one as unscathed as I thought! But as long as I’m clear to play, my finger bends, and it doesn’t hurt, I’m good to go!

So now what’s the plan? To slowly (read: safely Winking smile) get back in shape. It took me 8 weeks to get this far out of shape so I know to realistically think I can get back to where I was in a week or 2 is silly. For the most part I’ve been eating really well with lots of fruits and veggies. I probably could use some leaner protein than what I’ve been eating, but some protein is better than none! In any event, I’m just happy to be back. Even if my finger is a little more crooked than it was before! But hey, it gives me character.. right?

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