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The Spring for Softball

As of last night the “spring” sports’ season officially came to an end. It rained for a nearly solid 6-8 weeks so even though the league technically started in April and ended in July, it was still the “spring” season. Just in time too because summer teams start up next week! I spent the vast majority of spring sports out on injured reserve. Luckily, my teams did pretty well. Two of my softball teams even won the championship title on their respective nights!

Gruesome 10Some_Softball_rec_Monday_edit

Gruesome 10some Spring Monday Night Champs!

I was about a week and a half shy of being able to play for the playoffs for my Monday night Gruesome 10some team. They stepped up though in my absence and after a few close innings came back and annihilated the best team (Funky Monkeys) in the league with a final score of 25-10. My Tuesday night kickball team, Peanut Butter Pudding Surprise, came out strong in our playoff run after once again going undefeated during the regular season. For the third time that season we handedly beat Suck My Kick to make it to the finals. Once there we fell victim to a familiar pattern of pop-up-kicks and lost 6-2 to a team by the name of Overserved. Like Monday softball, I wasn’t quite back in action so I had to cheer my heart out from the dug out. Wednesday football was the biggest shocker of them all. My team of Misfits (that was our name, and it aptly described us since we had several folk who’d never played before) came together in the final weeks of the regular season. After starting out 0-4, we started clicking and made the playoffs. We came in the #4 seed, and low and behold took down the #1 seed! We beat FOB and made it to the finals!! We ended up losing by a mere touchdown to Flag It in the final minute of the game by a score of 19-13. We played hard, we played hard together and did what no other team in the league had done by beating every single other team. My Thursday football team didn’t fair quite as well as the others and despite entering the playoffs in the #2 seed, couldn’t quite hold off Dookie in the first round. Again, I really wanted to play, but for that night I was still 2 weeks shy of being given the all clear from the doc. Saturday football also had a similar fate and had a rough first round game, losing to a veteran Saturday team called Total Chaos.


Outkast Spring Sunday Champs!

My Sunday softball team became my second Championship title of the season this past Sunday. Before the season we, team Outkast, decided we would spot each team 6 runs. So each game started with the other team’s score 6 and ours 0. It made for a few interesting games as we had to dig ourselves back out of our initial hole. Several games were won in the final inning. So instead of winning games with scores of 13-3, games were now more like 13-9. The Championship game even had us down 2 runs in as late as the 6th inning. But we showed up when it counted and came out on top. The best part about the Sunday victory was that I got to play in it! I was definitely, without any doubt, very rusty. My timing was off on my swing, I had a fielding error. But by the middle of the second game (the Championship game) I started hitting again and was able to help the team secure the W.

It was a long spring, especially with the injury relegating me to the #1-Fan spot for the majority of the season, but it worked out in the end. I’m excited for what the “summer” season will bring, but very glad to see what my “spring” teams accomplished. I’m definitely proud of my friends Smile !! With the heat and vacation plans of summer, there are some personnel changes for next season. I’ll be playing with slightly different groups of people. I’ll get the opportunity to play with some old friends that I haven’t played with in about 7-8 months. I’ll get the opportunity to play with a combination of different friends I haven’t played with before. And I’ll get to laugh with the returning faces of the friends coming back for the next season. Bring on the fun!

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