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Not in Texas anymore

Yesterday you got the recap of Laura and Tyler’s wedding. Today is a recap of the rest of the weekend, we were in Breckenridge for three whole days! (word of warning:: there are lots of pictures in this post!) After landing in Denver late Thursday night, Kristen, Kath, Katy, Britni, and myself all piled into a car and headed west. I know this is a terrible picture, but the sign actually said “Watch for Wildlife on Road”… and yep, that was the moment I realized I wasn’t in Texas anymore Winking smile . Or at least I’ve never seen that sign in my neck of the Texas woods!


After a few driving breaks, we made it to Breckenridge and got to our condo. Friday was the day of the wedding, and with the ceremony starting at 4:30 that afternoon, we had about half the day to entertain ourselves. Well being in Colorado, Kath, Katy and I decided we wanted to go on a hike!

     P7130006      P7130011

Well.. maybe I should define “hike”. It was a pretty wide path, meaning a car could have easily fit on it. It actually felt more like walking up a road up the mountain, which was fine with me. We didn’t have time, nor the equipment/clothes for a long hike (also fine by me) so Kath selected a shorter one. 2 miles round trip? Definitely ok with me..

     P7130009      P7130015

Stretching our legs and getting some exercise in after spending the day before traveling also sounded like a great idea. Obviously we were stopping ever few minutes to take pictures, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous!

     P7130017      P7130007

The end of the hike was the Sally Barber Mine. We took a longer break up there to catch our breath, read the placard about the mine, take pictures, look around, jump off of things, and take more pictures. (Side note- the air really was crazy thin. This was my first trip to Colorado where I really noticed the air affecting me. Walking up a flight of stairs really left me gasping! I’m very thankful to live at sea level most of the year Smile)

 P7130019  P7130022  P7130027

It really was absolutely beautiful up there!

     P7130026      P7130041

After a few of these…..

                  P7130048      P7130053

…we headed back down to the car. It was great to walk and chat and catch up with these two. I truly am the worst person alive about chatting on the phone. I know I say this after every DG trip, but I am going to try to be better about staying in touch and talking to them on the phone. They’re my girls Smile 

The rest of the day was pretty much spent getting ready for and attending the wedding. After the post-wedding brunch Saturday morning, we walked around downtown Breckenridge for awhile before heading back to the condo. Our dancing feet were all tired after the night before, so what better way to relax than with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.


Dinner that night was spent at a really fun burger house called the Motherload. They had all kinds of specialty burgers and appetizers, and with Boones Farm on the menu, Amanda, Kristen, and Britni were very happy campers! I ordered the “Ring of Fire” which was a burger cooked in Frank’s Wing Sauce, with pepper jack cheese, avocado, and jalapenos. It also came with bacon cooked in maple syrup and topped with peppercorn (which was delicious!) but we’d had that as an appetizer so I removed it from the burger itself. The fries were only so-so, but the burger more than made up for it. It was delicious!

Unfortunately Sunday saw us up and out the door of the condo early to head back to the airport. Britni had an early flight so we were on the road at 8:00am after all our goodbyes to the other girls. After dropping her off, picking Bill up, and dropping Katy off, we were off to our last stop on the trip… Coors Field!

     P7150135      P7150137

The Rockies ended up losing the game, but Kath, Kristen, Bill, and I had fun anyway. Kristen made the comment that it was fun to just attend a game and not be worked up about the outcome (she is a die hard Cubs fan!! Next summer for Amy’s wedding I am definitely going to a game at Wrigley with her!) The stadium was clean, located almost in downtown, and we parked about a block away! The other interesting thing was the fans there. I saw lots of “CR” hats, but that was about it. At Ranger games, 95% of the fans have a red, white, or blue Rangers shirt on. There were some Rockies shirts and jerseys but for the most part fans were decked out in normal summer clothes and maybe had a Rockies hat on. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it did make me go…hmmm.

All in all it was a great weekend. I got lots of sun, spent lots of time outdoors, and got to see my DGs. I’m crossing my fingers that the spot for the next girls’ trip is down here to TEXAS!

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