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Blast from the past

Last night was a night of firsts. It was Pedro, Susan, and I’s first Wednesday night boot camp (yes, I still hate pushups and no, that hasn’t changed!) It was my first time to try Victor Tangos for dinner. And it was my first chance to catch up with my old friend, Graham, since he moved back to Dallas from New York City. Graham and I grew up together, our moms were friends in high school and his aunt is my godmother. We went to the same school from kindergarten through the fourth grade at Christ the King before he switched schools (to where Nick went, small world, eh?) I actually remember walking into my first day at CKS and being really terrified of starting a new school. I remember my mom telling me I would be going to school with Graham and I instantly felt better that I’d know someone. 23 years later, I’m glad he moved back home.

We kind of lost track of one another in late middle school and would only sporadically see each other in high school. But during college we reconnected and have off-and-on stayed in touch. We ran into one another at a bar a few years back (please ignore the heinous haircut I am sporting, but do feel free to giggle at Nick’s ‘fro and Marco being well.. Marco).

Graham & Boys

Thanksgiving 2006ish (I think?)

If you’re noticing a trend.. I’m pretty good at keeping in touch with people over the years. Whether it’s by email, Facebook, occasional meet ups, or (gulp) yes even sometimes the phone, it’s really fun to watch how your friends have changed.. or not.. over time. I think it’s really fun to share a past and a non-romantic-history with people in your life. They’ve seen me grow, change, and have terrible haircuts. They’ve seen me at my best, and at my worst, and we’re all still friends. I actually have pictures of me, Graham, and our other family friend Travis, all sitting in strollers next to one another! How many people can say that?  Well the food was great (I highly recommend the Greek chopped salad and the crab mac & cheese), we got to catch up, and we promised that now that he’s back in Dallas for good, we’ll get together more often despite both of our busy schedules. Yay for old friends!

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