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Back in the saddle

Friday is finally here!! For whatever reason, this week seemed to be entirely too long!

As I mentioned yesterday, I started my P90X routine back up again this past week. I had great results the first time through and am looking forward to getting back in shape again. It’s a little on the frustrating side to be back at square one, but it happens when you get a few curve balls tossed your way. To be fair, I had done a pretty good job of maintaining my results through about May of this year. I had lost some of the toning, but hadn’t gained any weight. I’d gotten into a good routine of mixing exercising, eating well about 80% of the time and partaking in goodies the other 20%. I found a happy balance that I was ok with Smile 


And then I broke my finger. 


And it wasn’t just a break, just like everything else I do I didn’t do this halfway, I went full steam ahead and I spiral fractured it. I nearly broke it straight through the bone (eeek!!). For 4 weeks I couldn’t even take the splint off to shower (gross!!) and was explicitly told I couldn’t run/bike/exercise. Doc-in-a-box, and later my real doctor confirmed, that if I fell on it then it would require surgery and pins to piece it back together. Ew. Gross. No thank you. So for the first time in my life I followed a doctor’s instructions to the letter. It sounds so ridiculous that a finger could literally sideline you for 8 straight weeks, but it did.

Coming back from that I was determined to take it slow and easy and not injure myself again from trying to do too much too fast (which I have been known to do). I started doing boot camp with Pedro and Susan on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings and slowly but surely got back into game shape. I got my lungs back pretty quickly, and through all the squats and push ups some of my strength started to come back. With the Softball World Series coming up in October, I really want to be in fighting shape and be able to survive 3 full days of playing softball all day long. So on Monday it began!

The diet isn’t really all that different than what I usually follow, but instead of my usual 2-ish carbs a day I’m at 1 and I’m eating more protein than what I usually do. I’m also eating a snack every day around 3:00 pm. Like last time, I’m not giving up alcohol or caffeine, but I am going to be more cognizant of how much of both that I have. Last time it took me about 4-5 weeks to really start seeing results, but I’m hoping this time it’s a little faster since I better learned how to make their “diet” work for me (they had me eating way too much food, once I cut back to eating only when I was hungry I started losing weight. And by losing weight, I only really lost 3 lbs through the entire 7-ish weeks I did it. But I did lean out a little bit, and that’s all I really care about.. strength + speed!) So here goes nothing! I took before photos and did all my measurements on Monday, so I’m hoping for the best!!

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