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Closing Day

If you search your memory way back to April, you’d remember I was fortunate enough to go to the Texas Rangers’ Opening Day game! After spending a few hours assembling a grill (…still realize what a terrible idea that was….) we got to enjoy our tailgate and then watched the Rangers dismantle the Boston Red Sox. Well fast forward to September and not only have the Red Sox collapsed in an epically terrible way, but the Rangers clinched their division and home field advantage in the ALDS! But I’m getting ahead of myself… the point is, this season I was lucky enough to be there to cheer on the Rangers as they started and ended their season!

Like Opening Day.. we started with a tailgate…


I’m a little bummed I didn’t take more tailgate pictures as we had an AWESOME set up (thanks Pedro!!) Complete with grill, flat screen TV, and my HD TV antenna that never worked in my old townhouse, but worked perfectly out there. Combine that with burgers, hot dogs, brats, jalapeno brats, a keg of Bud Light, a beautiful day, and 30 close friends and you basically have my version of a perfect day! Even Graham made it out there for the game! He grew up with both Nick and I and we all realized we were friends with one another in high school. Graham just moved back to Dallas not too long ago. Our moms have grown up with one another and his aunt is actually my godmother! Graham, our friend Travis, and myself have all literally known one another since birth. I was really excited he was able to come out, catch up with Nick, and meet some fun new folk who live here.

Once game time rolled around, we packed up our tailgate and headed towards our seats. We were right but the right field foul pole and were all hoping for a ball to come our way (sadly none did.. oh well, gotta wait til next year then!)


The sun was a little warm, but luckily we were in the shade for most of the game.

     P9230007   P9230008

All smiles for these Ranger fans! (Somehow Andy and Alana skipped out on the photos… They must have been on a beer run or something.)

     P9230009   P9230010

The game was one of several firsts for me… first Closing Day game to attend, first tailgate that included HD TV to watch football games, first time to ever see an in-the-park-home-run live, AND first time to ever see a live Grand Slam!! Good times! Smile The people watching was pretty fabulous too! This guy sitting in front of Andy, Alana, Angel, and Sam had “White” tatoo-ed on his right hand knuckles, and “Trash” tatoo-ed on his left hand knuckles. Klassy guy right there. Towards the end of the game I was able to snap a photo of this.. special.. individual… and his questionable-decision-making.


After they handed the Mariners yet another loss, we headed back to Dallas, enjoyed a delicious Pluckers dinner, and four of us went on to dominate in our softball game. Sunday Funday? Absolutely!

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