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Flip Flop

Last week was supposed to be my third week of P90X as well as my final week of Phase I. This week was supposed to be my first rest week. Yeah… that didn’t happen. The vast majority of my after-work hours were spent dealing with car issues and an embroiled battle between myself and my local Sears Automotive Center (a post which I plan on getting up later this week as it literally took all week last week to resolve!) So because of all that, I decided to flip flop my P90X schedule and take off last week and finish up Phase I this week. I’m not sure what effect it’ll have on my numbers (I didn’t get a chance to measure last week).. but oh well. Like Dory says.. “Just keep swimming!”

In all honesty, I needed the week off. Between unexpected car issues, several really long days at work, stress overload, and two solid weeks of hard work outs, I. Was. Exhausted. So I embraced the week “off” P90X (I still did my boot camp and played in my softball/kickball/flag football games and went to my first Yoga class with my sister last Friday, so I stayed somewhat active Winking smile) And I have to say, my body is thanking me for it! I did my Core Synergistic DVD last night and I actually felt stronger and able to do more reps than during week 2. Score one for rest weeks!! So without further ado…

Results thus far::

  • Appetite has mellowed/adjusted to the new workouts
  • Got hit hard by sugar cravings last week!!
  • Still hovering at a 1 lb. loss on the scale
  • Neck, shoulder, and thigh measurements have stayed the same as week 2 measurements
  • Lost an inch in the waist (just like last time… it’s the first place I see a change)

Just like last time.. I have to remind myself that it really does take about 5-6 weeks to really start feeling effects (which is a test in patience at times… especially when looking at a number on the scale that doesn’t change.) This is also my last week with my schedule being this way. The days will have to switch up here next week as I’ll be working Monday and Tuesday nights and knowing me, I won’t be getting up at 5:30 am to do them! I just don’t function well (read: at all) before 6:00 am. Here’s what I have been doing…

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Core Cardio X Boot Camp Off Legs & Back Boot Camp Kenpo
Here’s what it’ll change to….
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Off Off Boot Camp Cardio/Core Legs & Back Boot Camp Kenpo
Boot camp days have a lot of arm, shoulder, and core work in them already, so if I have to alternate between the Cardio X and Core Synergistic DVDs on Thursdays I should still be covered… and if not, let’s be honest, I’ll pick a cardio over a core workout anyway Winking smile what can I say? I love to get my sweat on!!
Be sure to check out the Tuesday Dinner Club blog today and later this week.. I’m updating it with a bunch of A La Me recipes I’ve been concocting lately in my kitchen!

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