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Book Review: Worst Case

Wow it’s been a long time since my last book review… (Actually if you remember, I was going to read Bossypants next, but have been so lazy that I haven’t ordered it online for my kindle yet. Pathetic, yes, I know. Winking smile) Luckily a little bit of rain and a delightful Sunday afternoon on my couch last week changed that. My sister travels a lot for work and for the most part we really enjoy reading the same types of books. She picked up this James Patterson book on one of her travels, read it, loved it, and lovingly left in my room for me to give a go at.


Worst Case is about a NYC detective named Michael Bennett and an FBI agent named Emily Parker. They are working together to solve a string of high-profile kidnappings. I’ll say it again, but I love James Patterson and this book didn’t disappoint. Pretty much from page one I was hooked into the story! His style and writing voice are pretty familiar to me by this point (I swear I’ve read most of his books!) and so I knew how he would unfold the story, but like always he kept me intrigued and interested along the way. This was another book where I was reading a chapter or two before I fell asleep each night. If you’re looking for an easy but exciting read, I’d recommend this one! This was my first introduction to the Michael Bennett character, and from what I’m seeing, he has a few books with him in it, much like the Alex Cross character is featured in several books. I’ll be adding those to my list soon.

Now that that book is finished, I’m already on to my next one. My sister has absolutely raved about this one! Even while on a business trip and working long hours, she plowed through this book in only a few days. She doesn’t usually give such strong reviews, so I’m excited to get into it (I’m only on page 5 right now.)

Next up on my reading list: The Host

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