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Hitting a groove

Well this is (somehow) my fifth week of P90X. Four weeks are done and in the can.. craziness! As I go through this again, I remember how it went the first time and other than I skipped the initial 5lb jump in weight this time, it’s going just as well the second time around! To the first timers out there, if you can survive the second and third week (which were the worst for me in terms of hunger/spontaneous sugar cravings) it’s really not too shabby! I’m definitely in the groove of the routine and like the last time, I’m enjoying it. Last week I felt really good start to finish and even enjoyed some pizza on Saturday night without any guilt. And now that I’m starting to consistently see and feel results each week, keeping up the motivation is much easier. (Delayed gratification sometimes wears on my patience Winking smile)

How am I doing?

  • Appetite has completely returned to a more normal schedule for me (I’m at about 3 meals + an afternoon snack a day)
  • Lost another pound from the scale (down 2 lbs. total)
  • Lost an inch in my shoulders and neck (basically I’m back to where I was pre-workouts)
  • Lost another half inch in my waist (down 1.5 inches total)
  • Lost an inch in my abdomen
  • Hips and thigh measurements stayed the same as last week

It really fascinates me how your body adjusts and uses the food you put into it. The only thing that’s really changed about my diet is the conscious effort I put in to eating protein with every meal, I eat a snack around 3:00 every day, and I’ve cut back on the carbs (notice the “cut back on” and not “cut out”, I could never cut out carbs completely nor do I think that’s healthy). My cooking hasn’t changed. I’m not counting calories. I didn’t give up alcohol. Pedro made the comment to me awhile ago and he was right. It’s all about what you eat.

I missed last night’s core workout. Yes, I opted to watch the Rangers and Nellie Cruz knock the wind out of the Tigers than get my sweat on. Absolutely it happened. No guilt there! Hot smile With a 7:05 start time tonight, I should have no problem getting it done tonight though.

Bring on Phase II…

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