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Little by little

Welcome to week 6! After taking this week’s measurements, I have to say P90X is still working, like every week it’s just little by little though. And oddly enough, it’s still not really showing up on the scale. That shouldn’t really blow my mind as the last time only saw a total of a 3lb weight loss, but it showed in terms of inches. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to shake the mentality that it should show on scale and in the number if I can visibly see and feel changes. Boot camps have changed formats just a bit. We’ve been doing weights as more of a circuit through shoulders/arms/legs (which I love!) The circuit also adds an ever so slight cardio component.. and the cardio junkie in me loves to get my heart rate up. Last Wednesday’s boot camp had a legs circuit that left my hamstrings tight and a little sore, but in a hurts-so-good way. I haven’t done dead lifts like that since high school!

So how am I shaping up this week?

  • No change on the scale since last week
  • Lost another half inch in my shoulders, chest, and waist
  • Lost an inch in my abdomen
  • Lost a half inch in my hips and thighs (finally seeing some changes in my legs!)

Looks like I’m going to have to flip flop my recovery weeks again since I’ll be out of town at the Softball World Series for the majority of next week. I’ll still be getting plenty of cardio and exercise out there, but the weights/lunges/core exercises will get a week long reprieve.

While my high school English teacher will hate me for the sentence I’m about to use.. it describes this experience pretty well. While so much of round 2 through the program is the same as the first in terms of the results, timeline, hunger, etc., this experience is also very very different. For one, mixing in a few days of boot camp has made it much easier to keep motivated as I’m working out with friends twice a week. I also discovered the beauty of the “Silence and Cues” function on the DVDs. Last night I pulled up my DVR and caught up on some TV shows while running the Core Synergistics and Legs and Back DVDs from my laptop. I was able to multi-task and get my workout in without feeling like it took over my night. How have I not done this before?! Seriously! Best of both worlds!! I’m not sure I’d be able to really get a good cardio workout this way, but for the weights/strength workouts that make up those P90X DVDs it was perfect.

Bring on week 7 and (most importantly!) my first long vacation since Nadia and I went to Germany in 2009 Open-mouthed smile !!

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