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Party like a K2!

In this sentence, K2 = rock star! Smile So of course that’s how we celebrated her birthday!!

K2 (aka Kristin Kelley) and I met way back when in 2008 .. (holy cow, has it really been that long?!) I had just graduated grad school in August and signed up for my first intramural sports team. I posted up on the message board with my name, contact info, and which sports I was interested in playing. One of the team captains, a guy named Tim, said they needed girls and I said ok. I literally walked out on the field that first game without knowing a single soul. And without sounding too dramatic, that decision ended up being a life changing one with all the people I met! Big shout out to the former ‘Playmakers’ (at least I think that was our name) … Cathy, Anthony, Tim, Aaron, Bethanne, and K2. Later that year I would go on to play softball with these folk and still count them all as friends now.

The first group to ask me to play softball with them… and luckily two years later they still talk to me considering how disastrous my first game was with them Winking smile


So when it came time to celebrate her birth, of course I wouldn’t miss it!

We had dinner at Hard Rock Café and were fortunate enough to sit right in front of a large TV so we could watch and cheer for the Rangers!!


After meeting so many of her other friends last year at her birthday and a few other events, it was a lot of fun to see and catch up with all the familiar faces. She has obviously touched a lot of people because the turnout was pretty great from all different groups of friends! And deservedly so, she is amazing!

                      K2Bday_Me   K2Bday_MeBandana

The theme for the night was to “party like a rock star” and because I have a soft spot in my heart for themes, I did my best to participate… up until I couldn’t get my black bandana to tie. Sad smile ruhroh. I went sans bandana for the vast majority of the night since I didn’t want to walk around holding it in place. Luckily the birthday girl didn’t seem to mind too much! Check out her awesome dress, it was sequined and AWESOME!

After we finished eating we headed across the street to the House of Blues in Dallas. A few friends of hers hooked us up with the Foundation room where we watched the end of the Ranger game and got our dance on. Allison, Anthony, K2, Lexi, and myself got the dancing started (although the much bigger dance party happened after the Ranger game finished).


Somewhere during dinner, my head started pounding. At first I thought it was just a headache brought on by a day in the sun playing flag football and sitting on the patio. But it got worse. Then I thought that I must have done a poor job of rehydrating after a morning of boot camp and a flag football double header. So I tried to drink some water… and then not only did my head hurt but I felt nauseous. Ok.. usually a little bit of food can calm down my stomach. I inhaled my turkey burger patty and my veggies (the bun wasn’t looking appetizing at that point). Nope, still hurt. And not just a little hurt. A LOT hurt. I’ve only ever had a migraine, or at least what I thought was a migraine since it hurt so bad, one other time in my life. This definitely compared to that and yowza, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. But when it started we hadn’t even got our food at dinner yet. The thought of bailing so early on a friend was almost more upsetting than anything else. I nursed a beer over at HOB, put a smile on my face, didn’t look at the TV for long periods except for quick glances, danced and really tried to make the most of it while I was there. At about 10:30 my head was about done with all the noise and I didn’t want to take any of the fun away from the night feeling so yucky. I promised Allison we’d have to have another dance party soon, said my goodbyes to my friends, and escaped to my dark and blessedly quiet bedroom. I really wish I could have stayed longer though!

To one of the kindest, sincerest, most genuine people I know, I wish Kristin Kelley a wonderful 21st year! Winking smile I hope it’s her best ever!!

                       K2Bday_Cake1   K2Bday_Cake2

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  • k2 October 20, 2011, 2:29 pm

    I’m so sad for your migraine experience :( That just means we’ll have to go back to HOB sooner rather than later :)
    My birthday was fab because people like YOU were there! Love you Liz ♥

  • epryor October 20, 2011, 2:33 pm

    Ditto!! Dance party needs to happy more frequently! If it should happen again at HOB, then all the better ;)

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