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ASWS 2011 –Day 1

Sorry for the week-long hiatus, but I was on VACATION Smile with tongue out

Last week I spent 6 glorious days in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the Advertising Softball World Series!! This trip was over a year in the making… If you hit rewind to September of 2010, Pedro and Susan asked me if I was interested in going to Las Vegas with them for a big softball tournament. They explained what the Series was, how it worked, the dates, and the cost. Unfortunately with a trip to California already on the calendar for December, I didn’t have any more vacation days to spare and had to miss out. Once the group who went returned from their trip, I got filled in on all the shenanigans. I basically decided then and there that I would definitely be participating in the next one. It felt like the next 12 months just crept by… but finally they were here!! Team Green Eggs and Slams, along with our mascot Sam, was as ready as they were going to be!


Last Saturday morning we got to the airport, grabbed Beers To-Go and lined up by boarding groups to board the plane. There were 8 of us on the same flight out there (Pedro, Susan, Jason, Jamie, Patty, Gulley, Marcus, and myself) and we’d nicknamed it The Party Plane!

Airplane_Pedro&Susan&Jason  Airplane_Same  Airplane_Jamie&Patty&Marcus

Let’s just say the adult beverages started as soon as we got into the air. Sam (our team’s mascot) had a grand ole time double fisting and Jason made a new friend… with our flight attendant Winking smile Ask him about it. It’s unlikely he’ll ever forget about him!! And it’s also unlikely he’ll ever answer a question with, “Whatever you want it to be,” ever again!

Once we landed, collected our bags (yay for Southwest’s Bags-Fly-Free program!!) and got into our rental cars, we headed to our home for the next 5 days: The Talking Stick Resort.

Bus_Group  Bus_Pedro&Susan  Bus_Patty&Gulley

After lunch, some college football watching, and a grocery store run for essentials, our Dallas team settled in to cheer on our Rangers. It. Was. Bad. To keep our spirits up, we let the shenanigans continue…..

                   Jamie_Pinkies           Jason_Hat

And then met up with fellow team member, Sevi, for dinner. Most of the team called it quits after dinner, but it’s ok because the debauchery was kicked up several notches the next day with team/individual check-in, and the Opening Ceremony Dinner and Party.

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