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ASWS 2011–Day 4

If you remember from yesterday, Green Eggs and Slams finished off the first day of the tournament with a record of 1-3. Ouch. There were definitely improvements to be made, but we were seemingly holding our own amongst teams that were at about our skill level. Bring on day 2 of play!

Let’s start with my favorite part (yes, I’m slightly biased Winking smile) … our day 2 jerseys! These 2-button grey henleys were my favorite of the three. They were the most soft and comfortable in my opinion.


We had 5 games on the agenda for the second day and all 5 games would go on to count towards our tournament record. (The tournament was a round-robin style and the best record within a division won.) First game of the day was against a team from Austin and in short order they kicked the snot out of us. It was a little painful. The second game was against a team from Detroit and our bats finally came alive. It was nice for us to finally hit well as a team instead of randomly hot individuals. We held on at the end to get our second win of the tournament! The third game of the day was against a team not in our division. We had the game and then the wheels came off and we got hit with the error-bug. So. Many. Errors. It’s really the one game in the entire tournament I think the entire team wanted a do-over for. The next game was against a team from Vancouver. They got hot and we didn’t. We gave up more runs than we wanted to and yep.. chalked up another loss.

    Day2_Jason_Pushup  Day2_Me_Swinging

The fifth and final game was against a mish-mash team of players from a variety of cities. Two fellow Dallas-ites were on the other team (shout out to Jeff and Russ!) It was supposed to be my game off, but I got lucky in two respects. 1- I got to come in and play catcher. 2- A sharply hit foul ball that came into the dug out (and I legitimately never saw) narrowly missed me. It would have hurt a lot had it hit me, something would have broken. I remember standing and chatting with Jamie and all of a sudden I hear a bunch of people scream my name! Jamie and I re-created the event with the following picture…


After putting up 9 runs in an inning, we turned right around and gave up 9 runs. The rest of the game was constantly back and forth. It was really close all the way through. We finally managed to put up a few runs in the last inning and then held them scoreless. It by far was the closest game of the series! We won by 3 I think!! It was also the latest night out there, we got to play under the lights and the weather was slightly cooler. Other than the lightning storm that you could see start to roll in, it was a perfect night to play softball!!

       Day2_Statues  Day2_Shower

Tuesday night was our team night to ourselves (meaning other than a beer garden, the series didn’t have any “scheduled” activities). Because it was so late by the time we got back to the resort, we opted to stay on the property and after getting cleaned up we all headed up to the steak house. I got the salmon cakes and dinner salad and it was fantastic!! Also, I think my body was really happy to get some veggies, anti-oxidants, and omega-3s into it. I tried some of the “steak fries” that Jason ordered also and needless to say I slipped into a very happy food coma that night.

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