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ASWS 2011–Day 5

After going 3-6 in our first two days at the series, we were ready for our last day of tournament play. And not surprising, it was our best day out there! Green Eggs & Slams went 3-1 on our last day!! We hit well, we fielded well, and we came out on top despite two bad injuries (Jamie snap/crackle/pop-ed her ankle trying to avoid a collision with Marcus, and Pete pulled his groin running to first base).

Here are our day 3 uniforms (which oddly enough were also our most sought-after uniform in the jersey trade after our team t-shirt). Yes, they were that awesome Smile


The day started against the Vancouver team. Everything that we did wrong on the second day we did right that day. It was a pretty dominant W. Before the game started both teams lined up and  Pedro played both our and their national anthems.

PA230051   PA230052

And then the shenanigans started… Marcus made off like a banshee and made a diving-steal of their team mascot. Yes, he dove into the dirt and got dirty before the first game of the day even started. But he kept alive the tradition of our rookies always stealing their mascot. He was proud.


Day three also meant we got to go and play on some of the National League fields. We played on Sportsman’s Park, Ebbets Field, but unfortunately didn’t get to play on Wrigley Field. We did take pictures in front of it though…


After a sound whomping of Honey Badgers to finish off the tournament, we were done. We went 6-7 overall and 3-4 in our division. Not too shabby for a first-time team AND with the exception of 2 of our losses, the rest of the games were completely winnable.

Jamie and Marcus came home with the team MVP awards (along with a few broken bones and ligaments… whoops….)

Overall the trip was really fun. We had a great group of people that for the most part kept things really light-hearted and fun. Bring on 2012!!

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