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Just call me, COACH!

Today, at 5:30, I once again become part of the basketball world!! But this time, it’s not as a player, it’s as a coach. I attended Christ the King Catholic School here in Dallas from the 1st through 8th grades and played basketball for the last 5 of my 8 years there. A few months back I was visiting with my old athletic director and PE teacher and he mentioned they were always in need of coaches. Voila! Tonight I evaluate the 6th grade girls, and tomorrow night the 6th grade boys. Because its a catholic private school that advocates an “everybody plays” mentality, we cannot call this a tryout, but rather an evaluation. I don’t know which team I’ll be in coaching, I’ve requested 6th-8th grade girls and I know tonight is the first step in the process.

Basketball was a huge part of my life. I love playing it, watching it, the sound of a nice leather ball hitting the hardwood, the sound of a perfectly placed 3 pointer swishing through the net, and even the little rubber squeaking noises shoes make on the court. Even today when I sit down and watch basketball games, I want nothing more than to get my lucky ball in my hands and play around (yes, I do have a lucky leather basketball!). I’m excited to get the opportunity to help other girls excited about the game become better players. I had some of the best (and some of the absolute worst) coaches and they all had such impacts on my life. I was never the fastest, strongest, or tallest, and I made it through high school basketball. I want to help other girls reach their dream of playing in the state championship game!

So here goes nothing… I’ll keep you all posted about my girls and how we’re doing as the season progresses!

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  • Nadia King December 3, 2008, 4:48 am

    Haha, gotta love those past coaches! You'll do a great job, Liz- just remember, they are kids, so you should let them win in Horse every now & then, at least.

  • liz December 4, 2008, 10:51 pm

    haha whats the fun in that?!?! err… i mean… how are they going to get any better if i let them win all the time ;) ??

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