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Prima Donna Used to be Madonna’s by Evan Jansa

Every week I look forward checking my inbox and finding a message from my 19 year old brother. The messages range from from recaps of his crazy weekends to his analysis of current events. I thought you might find this one interesting coming from an aspiring sports broadaster/commentator.

A-Rod—or A-fraud—is one more TV segment from me taking an A-framed wrench and shoving it up his A-nus.
It’s bothersome that we are forced to be subjected to non-stop coverage of this overblown situation for these past two days. There is not a single expert or respectable person in the business that deep down believed that A-Rod—who will obliterate the career home run record—did not use steroids at some point in his career.
Don’t buy any of the, “I was under a lot of pressure to play in Texas,” stuff. You mean a horrible franchise that hadn’t made the playoffs in three years caused you to lose sleep at night? Must have been the egregious $252 million dollar contract. I love it that Obama has a say on this just as he opened his mouth about the college football playoff dilemma. It’s terrible that this happened to a player that’s contract nearly eclipsed my stimulus bill.
Rest assure, baseball as we know it is going down the drain. Slow economy equates to less attendance for a sport that has already taken the backseat in Greyhound to the NFL that is in the driver seat. The commissioner of baseball knowingly let these guys (McGwire, Sosa, Palmeiro, Bonds, Rodriguez) use steroids to save it from falling into the abyss in the late ‘90’s and the first of this century. After the strike in ’94 baseball was so far behind football—and even the NBA—that it had to do something; which in this case was needles. There are still 103 names that have used banned substances that haven’t come out yet. 103! Please let that number soak in. Now everyone is a suspect. How did Cal Ripken play all of those games in a row? But he’s such a nice guy. So was McGwire.
As a whole, nothing about this surprises me. No one that lies to a grand jury or ever used any banned substance should be admitted into the Hall of Fame. McGwire has been on for three years and received less than 25% every time. Bonds is going to jail. Clemens will wear pinstripes again much like his Yankees uniform.
Baseball is dead—RIP.

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  • Ohler August 30, 2010, 6:49 pm

    First of all – I hope it does cause MLB some major angst. Their role in all of this is significant. Selig should be forced to step down. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knew what was going on. And rather than confront it Selig and his merry band of synchophants decided to ignore it. Ignore it as Bonds heads swelled to gargantuan proportions. Clemons is a major league tool and frankly deserves what he’s about to get

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