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It was a bit of a rough weekend in the Pryor household. And when I say weekend I really mean Sunday. And when I say Sunday, I meant more Sunday evening.  My sister and I got a call from our parents that Ranger, our very sweet 11 year old border collie, had to be put down.

      Ranger_dog   dogs2

Here he is on Christmas day this past year. He’s sitting with my sister and is the one on the left in the other picture (when you lay down on the ground, our dogs think it must mean you want your face licked! So here they are, moving in for the kill!!)

Back in the spring of 2001, when I was a junior in high school, my brother somehow convinced my parents that our other family dog (my crazy-hyper chocolate lab named Snickers) didn’t like him. One of his teachers’ dogs had just had a litter of puppies and after meeting with her, my parents and brother came home with little Ranger. I don’t have any pictures of him as a puppy here on my work computer, but he was an adorable mass of fur. I did love the dog, but my sister just adored Ranger. He really was much more her dog. They would nap together all the time.


Here are all three dogs together. We brought home Travis (the puppy in this picture) when Ranger (the one on the left) was about 6 or 7 years old. It’s one of the few pictures I do have of all three dogs together. Snickers was a ripe-ole-13 years in this photo! This picture is about 4 years old, we had to put Snickers down that Thanksgiving and I still miss her. She was a good dog, and even calmed down a bit in her later years.

But back to Ranger.

You couldn’t get Ranger to run away, he always always had to be where the people were. And that meant if there were 3 of you taking up all the room on the couch, he found a way to get up there and sit with you. He would sit when you told him to, he wouldn’t jump. And let me tell you that if you wanted an animal who would sleep ON TOP of you at night, he was your guy. He really was a very sweet dog. While he was pretty overweight, he was still a healthy pup. None of us saw this coming. Just yesterday morning we were all seating around the breakfast table at my parents house sneaking the dogs bits of bacon and eggs (yeah yeah… no mystery here why he was as big as he was!) It was pretty shocking to get the phone call late yesterday afternoon, we all thought he had several more good,  happy years in front of him Sad smile Our little family won’t be the same without him.

RIP Ranger Pryor, 2001-2012

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