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Bachelorette Debauchery

The weekend of St Patty’s Day was a crazy one. Not only did I spend most of Saturday outside enjoying some of the amazing Texas-spring weather, but one of my closest girlfriends, Kristin, had her bachelorette party and wedding shower.


Kristin and I have been friends since the first day of freshman year of high school. We had our first class together on the very first day (shout out to Mrs. Green’s health class!! Winking smile) and have been friends ever since. For those of you who think I am crazy about all I do all the time, well.. I learned from the master! This girl played 3 varsity sports (volleyball, basketball, softball), maintained a 4.0 G.P.A. and was involved in numerous clubs and activities on campus. I can assure you, she never got bored!! It’s almost too bad digital cameras weren’t around in high school, otherwise I’d post some awesome awkward-14-year-old photos of me and her being ridiculous around campus.

She and Nadia headed off to the University of Texas for undergrad and then a few years later she made her dream of moving to New York come true and headed up to Queens where she attended St. John’s University for law school. She’s been in Manhattan ever since working for the district attorney’s office.

And nope.. despite my best efforts, she says she’ll never move back here. Sad smile Boo.

She and Tommy are getting married in St. Thomas in May, and so it only made sense that while she was in town, we’d have her bachelorette party and wedding shower in the same weekend. We started the night at Monica’s down in Deep Ellum. They had a mariachi band and before we knew it, the whole restaurant was up and congo-ing around. The food wasn’t bad either. After wrapping up there, we walked a few blocks over to Drew’s brewery. They officially “opened” this past November and this was going to be Kristin’s first chance to see it.

        Muscles    GoofyFaces

Of course she loved it! (really, who wouldn’t?!) and we all started to get our dance on a little bit there. After spending an hour or so there, the bride really really wanted to go dancing. So off to Cedar Springs we headed. There was dancing there, lots and lots of it. People watching there was pretty interesting, I won’t lie, and just before 2am we headed home.

All in all I think Kristin had a great time! There was Mexican food, Jameson, Deep Ellum beer, awesome straws and a cake that were … ahem.. anatomically correct, and dancing dancing dancing (I think she checked off everything on her list!)

I simply cannot wait for her wedding!! It’s going to be such fun and I get to venture to a tropical place I’ve never been before with some of my best friends Smile life is good!

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