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A whole new world

Sorry for the radio silence (to all 10 of you who read this Winking smile) but the past few weeks have been a bit of a whirl-wind in my little household. I know I don’t tend to post anything about my professional life on here, but there have been some big changes on that front. I got a new job Smile and not just any new job, but a job I’ve been looking for since I graduated with my MBAs in 2008. Yep, that was 4 long years ago!!

Hi world, I’m a project manager! Working in a big-girl office, at a big-girl job, in a big-girl agency!! (Ps- does this officially make me an adult?! Nope, didn’t think so… or maybe it just partially makes me one.)

After spending the last 3.5 years at my old job, it was strange to leave. There were so many people I’d gotten close with and even cleaning out my itty-bitty office and desk there were weird. My last few days there, everything that made my office mine was gone. So many memories and things happened to me while I was there. Don’t get me wrong, I was more than thrilled for the change. It was time. I don’t regret a thing or (to be completely honest) miss it at all. Of course, I miss some of my people… my favorite work-dads and my work-friends who are my age. But it was time and this opportunity was too great a thing to pass up. Seriously, I’ve entered into a whole new world in the past few days.

I’m taking the DART (aka the train) into work and it is amazing! I’m 1.5 miles from a DART station and since most of that is spent driving through my neighborhood it takes me all of a whopping 5 minutes to get there. Once on my train, I’m 4 stops from my office which takes another whopping 10 minutes. SHABAM! Within 15 minutes of leaving my door, I’m walking into my office. My work pays for my train ticket each month, so not only am I saving on time, but also on the extra money it would take to park my car down here and I’m saving on gas! A 3.0 mile round trip drive is pretty amazing. Especially when I can sit and listen to the radio on my phone on the train. Life. Is. Good.

My first job was spent as the Director of Business Development for a small graphics/communications firm. I designed/created/coded websites, worked on trade show booths and investor presentations and managed all sorts of different multi-media projects. What am I doing here?? Managing projects like that on a much larger scale. Sitting through meetings the past few days has been really fun and interesting. It’s so refreshing to walk in and know exactly what’s going on!! When I started my job at the oil and gas company, I felt completely lost.. not an exaggeration. I spent the first 6-8 months completely confused and not sure what I was doing. Here is completely different. I have to learn their processes and their way of doing things, but the content part already makes sense. I know what’s going on. And for just having walked into a completely new and unknown situation, having that kind of confidence that I know I can do this job and do it well is amazing.

They say changing jobs is supposed to be one of the most stressful things in life (along with buying a house, moving, getting married, having a child, etc.) and while it’s very possible I’ve just gotten lucky, I have to say that so far this has been one of the best changes I’ve made.

Ask me again in a year Winking smile maybe I’ll have changed my mind. I know it’s only day 3 after all!

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