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Finishing 3-9 But Feeling Just Fine


Cheesy rhyming title, I know and acknowledge that fact. But it perfectly describes how my girls finished their season off this weekend. My 7th graders played 12 games this year, and only won 3 of them, but they had a great time! After each and every loss they were just as happy as they were when they won. They were out there to have fun, be social with their friends, and if they happened to become better basketball players then that was ok too. Done and done. The goals for the season were met. Even I was surprised to hear them beg for me to coach them again next season because quite frankly I got after them in practice. There were times I worried I was pushing them too hard. None have aspirations to play in high school and I had to constantly remind myself of that fact. But judging on what they said today, and from the feedback from their parents, it seems I made a difference with them. This is going to sound cliche, but even though I put in a lot of time without making a single cent in return, coaching these girls and watching them improve and have fun (even when I wasn’t) has been one of the most personally fulfilling things I’ve ever done. I’ll actually miss not having to get after them for not paying attention and for attempting to not-so-slyly text their other friends during water breaks. All in all they were a great group of girls and hopefully I’ll see them all back next season.

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