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ASWS 2012–Day 1

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And all of a sudden, it was softball time! It’s hard to believe almost a year had gone by between last year’s ASWS. But here we were, it was go-time!

Bright and early I met Marcus and Kate at their apartment to hitch a ride with them over to the airport. (Thanks Kate for driving!!!) Marcus and I were leaving behind some really dreary rainy weather in Texas, not gonna lie I don’t think either of us were too sad about that. Sunny skies, lots of softball, and hanging out with new and old friends awaited us.

Because of when we booked tickets, our flights had us zig-zagging across the country. We stopped in Houston and in LA before making it to Reno. It sounds horrible, but it really wasn’t bad at all. We didn’t change planes, enjoyed adult beverages on the last two legs, and I introduced Marcus to the awesome-ness that is Avengers!! The movie was almost the perfect length for the middle leg, so after he busted out an article, out came my laptop.

On the flight from LA to Reno, there were five other ASWS players from a team called Coast 2 Coast who had played the previous year. We vaguely remembered one another, but that didn’t stop us from chatting. Marcus definitely made a new friend with one guy in particular who was natively from New York. They were a lot of fun, and it was awesome to start seeing familiar faces.

Almost 7 hours later we arrived in Reno. This is look of someone who is ecstatic to be off the airplane and ready to drink and play sports!!


After getting to the hotel (we stayed at the Peppermill Resort and Casino) and checking in with our respective roommates, Green Eggs and Slams finally reunited in the “party suite”. Bring on the booze, the food, and the laughter. The bong-dong from last year’s ASWS trip made an appearance, along with chug-a-jugs. (Sadly neither of which do I have pictures from this year Sad smile. I took them, but lost my phone early on Monday morning.. and with it went my photos. Boo!!)

       Day1_TeamRoom  Day1_Me&Pete

And then we were off to dinner as a team. We headed to Black Bear Diner where the food was incredible (or I was just that hungry), either way, I feasted after having really not eaten since breakfast that morning. By that point, we were all in our happy place and dinner was a RIOT.

       Day1_TeamDinner  Day1_TeamDinner2

The long day of traveling plus full bellies caught up to us after dinner. I slept really well and woke up rested the next morning. I can’t rave enough about the beds at the resort, I was very very cozy and slept well the entire time I was there. It was an awesome upgrade from last year’s beds!!

Day 2 started the shenanigans, and this year’s trip did not disappoint!

**Thanks to our team’s very own Pete M for all the photos**

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